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SOL Emergency Bivvy w/ Rescue Whistle


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When you need to survive outdoors in an emergency, make sure you have the SOL Emergency bivvy to protect you from the cold. The lightweight bivvy is a compact emergency blanket that weighs less than 4 ounces and is smaller than a soda can. It fits easily in any backpack, purse, or car with it’s lightweight design and is ready when the weather gets worse. The bivvy blanket reflects 90 percent of body heat back to you with the sealed seams and waterproof material. It traps warm air to prevent heat loss and keep out rain, wind, and cold. The material is also ultra – quiet and tear-resistant and will not shred to pieces if punctured. Included with the reflective bivvy is a tinder paracord drawstring for fire starting and a survival whistle to signal your location to rescuers. Ultralight and compact, the Emergency bivvy is a potentially life-saving addition to your gear that’s designed for emergencies. Pack it to keep yourself warm and safe in emergencies until help arrives.


  • S.O.L. emergency bivvy reflects 90% of body heat to prevent heat loss and provide life-saving warmth
  • Waterproof and windproof material protects you from high winds and the harshest outdoor elements
  • Survival gear bivvy includes tinder paracord for fire starting and emergency whistle for signaling.
  • Lightweight, reflective bivvy fits in any compact camping gear, hiking gear, or survival tool kit
  • Made from quiet, tear-resistant material that won’t shred to pieces to keep you protected outdoors


  • Color: Green
  • Size: One Size
  • Material type: Polyethylene
  • Included components: SOL Emergency Bivvy with Rescue Whistle OD Green
  • Batteries included: No
  • Product Dimensions: 213.36cm L x 91.44cm W x 1.27cm H; 127.01 Grams



0.13 kg


213.36 × 91.44 × 1.27 cm


OD Green, Orange


Survive Outdoors Longer



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